Education Consulting and Management

Megabox Solutions and our team of experienced international educators and associated professionals can manage schools throughout Nigeria. As a result, owners and boards can benefit from the expertise we have accumulated from operating schools over the years.

Under us is the 100% ownership of Appian Way Schools. This is a pre-school and after school education service provider. Our success in managing some schools in Lagos (Learning Gate School Ilupeju and Purple Vineyard School Ketu) and running our own makes us see the niche to help school owners deliver exceptional education experience to their wards profitably. We provide external consulting services, run training programs for teachers/school administrators and also manage schools directly on behalf of the proprietors.

Our Services provide complete oversight regarding the overall operational management structure of your school. Our comprehensive management services include:

  • Complete oversight for operation and management of the school, assessing and monitoring the quality of the educational programming, overseeing accreditation, and planning for additional grade levels/programs as required;
  • Consulting with Directors to build effective framework for Board leadership;
  • Monitoring school performance and oversight of Annual strategic goals and evaluation/assessment process;
  • Staff professional development (teaching and non-teaching);
  • Co-coordinating annual marketing/communications and recruiting plans;
  • Support the CEO with an annual review and coaching;
  • Preparation of the annual operating budget;
  • Assist with development of systems for accounting, financial reporting, and audits;
  • Ongoing school improvement planning;
  • Policy manuals, including students, parents, and staff;
  • Assessment of children’s learning;
  • Communication and public relations;
  • Parent services and others.

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